On 10.04.2023. STS Pack Holding Ltd. signed a Project Contract for “Technological modernization in the enterprise” BG-RRP-3.004-0530-C01 for a total amount of 1 395 560,00lv. The amount of the grant financing is 50% – 697 780,00lv. The project is funded by the European Union – Next GenerationEU through the financial support of the Recovery and Sustainability Mechanism.

The main objective of the project proposal is to increase the efficiency of the production process in STS Pack Holding Ltd. by achieving higher productivity, reducing production costs through optimization of the production chain. Thus, the company will expand its capacity by producing more of the already manufactured products – laminate tubes.

The achievement of this key objective will be supported by the purchase and implementation of a new generation Automated Flexible Packaging Production Line, which will enable the increase in digital maturity of STS Pack Holding Ltd. through the implementation of digitalization in the production process.

The investment complies with the principle of “no significant damage” to the environment. The expansion of the production capacity is in line with the environmental objectives and is carried out in a separate zone – the Northern Industrial Zone of Gabrovo.

The project implementation period is 12 months.