We offer plastic caps suitable for every type of product.

ABL laminate tubes

Provide protection against light, air and moisture. Perfect for toothpastes and pharmaceutical products.

PBL laminate tubes

Maintain form, shape and look. Perfect for beauty and cosmetic products.


Countless options. Option to use shoulders made from recycled plastic materials.


Various designs. Option to use caps made from recycled plastic materials.

Endless possibilities…

We offer a large variety of colors and types of caps to combine with the tube body and shoulder. There is also an option to use shoulders made from recycled plastic materials. Our customers are able to choose the appropriate cap for the tube: size of the cap, diameter, shape, color, etc.

Choose a tamper-evident closure
Or go with a shrink sleeve option

Depending on the product’s needs, there is a wide selection of caps to pair with the tube body, to fit the client’s requirements. Our specialists will recommend the most suitable option for your product.