Laminate tubes are appropriate packing for a number of industry products, as follows:
– cosmetics and personal care: toothpaste, hair dye, various creams and balms;
– foodstuffs: ketchup, mayonnaise, mustard, various sauces, jam and marmalade, chocolate cream;
– chemicals: cleaning media, biocides, shoe cream;
– technical & DIY: glue, grease, (metal) polish;
– Pharmaceuticals: various analgesic and anti-septic creams and ointments.

Laminate tubes have proved themselvs as being the unique most effective solution for packaging of paste-form and jelly-form products. They are made of high-quality aluminium-barrier layer (ABL) and plastic-barrier layer (PBL) produced by leading world suppliers. Combining advanages of both aluminium tubes and tubes made of EVOH laminate, tubes ensure:
– unique barrier properties;
– longer preservation of product taste and aroma;
– perfect print base;
– inactivity of packaging material towards product inside;
– chemical resistance;
– easy use and dosage of product;
– shock resistance;
– flat and smooth surface for the whole life cycle.

The company offer various plastic caps and shoulders. Our customers have possibility to choose between different on shape and color plastic caps and shoulders.

Plastic shoulders

Plastic caps

ABL Laminate tubes

PBL Laminate tubes