Manufacture of laminate tubes

STS Pack Holding Ltd. manufactures laminate tubes with various designe and capacity from 5 ml  to 250 ml and diameter from 19 mm to 50 mm. The firm manufactures high quality laminated tubes from ABL (aluminum-barrier layer) and PBL (plastic-barrier layer).
The company has successful relationship with many cosmetic companies and pharmaceutical manufacturers.

The laminated tubes are suitable for a wide range of industrial  products, as:
– cosmetics and personal care products: toothpaste, hair dye, creams and balms, shampoo;
– food: ketchup, mayonnaise, mustard, different sauces, jams and marmalade, chocolate cream;
– chemical products: cleansing media, biocides, shoe cream;
– technical products: glue, grease, (metal) polish;
– pharmaceutical products: various analgesic and anti-septic creams & ointments;

Thanks to our quality production  we compete successfully the best producers in the branch.

About the Author: STS Pack Holding Ltd.