Laser marking machine MSTSM


STS PACK HOLDING LTD develop laser marking machine – model MSTSM. The machine is intended for laser marking to details from steel, aluminium, leather and more with possibility to modify on the addendum at change of fixing device.
Машина за лазерно маркиране


Parameters Technical data
Supply voltage 22010%V AC + N +PE;f=50Hz
Install duty 1,5kVA
Protection stage
Source laser
Type Fiber laser
Outgoing voltage 10W, 20W, 30W, 50W or 100W
Wave-length 1064nm
Scan head with automatic focus
Working surface 200 х 200mm
Focus 400 mm
Working speed 2m/s
Transport speed 7m/s
Size of the details for mark 300 x 300 x 240
Diameter 200 mm
Mass: to 20kg
to 10kg for rotary
Volume 1 600 х 1 000 х 2 000mm
Weight 500kg

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