STS Pack Holding Ltd. – manufacture of laminate tubes

STS Pack Holding Ltd. has been producing laminate tubes since 1998, as subsidiary of STS Holding Group Ltd. As an independent firm it acts from 2003.
STS Pack Holding Ltd. manufactures laminate tubes with various designe and capacity from 5 ml  to 250 ml and diameter from 19 mm to 50 mm. The firm manufactures high quality laminated tubes from ABL (aluminum-barrier layer) and PBL (plastic-barrier layer).

The laminated tubes are suitable for a wide range of industrial  products, as:
– cosmetics and personal care products: toothpaste, hair dye, creams and balms, shampoo;
– food: ketchup, mayonnaise, mustard, different sauces, jams and marmalade, chocolate cream;
– chemical products: cleansing media, biocides, shoe cream;
– technical products: glue, grease, (metal) polish;
– pharmaceutical products: various analgesic and anti-septic creams & ointments;

The used modern equipment allows the production  with big variety of size.
Production capacity: 10 million tubes per month.
In the middle of 2010 the firm started a new workshop  for clean  production  for the  needs of the pharmaceutical industry.
The manufacture is characterized with high technical level, requiring special  fully  automatic mashines and qualified personnel.
The used laminateis of high quality produced by world leading manufactures and guarantees excellent barrier properties.
Guarantee for the nice look of the tubes are the high quality of their printing. The design of the tube is developed as per the needs of the client. We offer whole service: from the idea, pre-printing, printing – 6 colours plus varnish on white, holographic, grey and transparent foil.  The  tubes  undergo different  tests  to  quarantee  their ability  to  satisfy correspondent the standarts and customer’s requirements.
The components as well as the ready-made tubes undergo microbiological tests in an accredited laboratory.
We also control the shape, size and the mechanical strength of the tubes.
Thanks to our quality production  we compete successfully the best producers in the branch.